Our story

Our story is one that started on LinkedIn: in the summer of 2021 our paths crossed because of similar interests. After two calls sharing our beliefs, values, and frustrations, we decided to do more. That’s what it took! Well, okay, maybe a bit more than that, but great things do happen from simple actions.

Meeting in person for the first time
(Portland, Oregon – September 2022)

The key driver for our collaboration: we felt overwhelmed by the amount of resources we were consuming, which turned into analysis paralysis rather than activating energy.

In February 2022, we officially launched Rewired. A simple notion webpage that stored and sorted actionable, curated resources. We saw it as a reason to knock on people’s doors and seek a better understanding of how they are driving change.

After months of virtual hangouts, we finally met in person for the first time in September 2022. To date, still the one and only in-person encounter. It was so refreshing and motivating. We sharpened our pencils and after months of experimenting with ways to share and create content, we metamorphosized into what you’re seeing today.

It has truly been a journey of finding what creates value for you – and ourselves – while we explore how to keep it viable as two full-time working, highly ambitious professionals. We hope you love what you’re seeing/reading, and would love to connect. What excites us the most, is when we hear from readers about how Rewired has been an inspiration and/or motivation to drive positive change!

Meet us

Hi! I’m Olga Sganzerla

A strategic designer based in sunny Barcelona with over 5 years of experience helping corporates and startups in their transformation and innovation efforts.

A nature lover, travel addict, and never-ending learner with a desire to create a positive impact through her work, I am now curious to understand how we can rethink design and business practices so as to unlock their full potential to contribute to a new regenerative paradigm where purpose, people, profit, and planet collectively thrive.

Hi! I’m Daphne Fecheyr-Lippens

As a life-centric strategist and designer, I’m learning from nature to support innovations that have a positive impact on ourselves and the rest of the world. I love connecting people, ideas, disciplines, and places.

A true idealist at heart, yet my experience as a doctoral researcher, co-founder, and corporate consultant makes me realize how complex the challenges are that we need to solve. The good news: we’re surrounded by so many solutions! Be curious, collaborate, act, and evolve. We’ll find our nature fit!

We stand for...

Intellectual humility
We are humble, nuanced, and positive in our perspectives. We know that we don’t have all the answers, but we certainly do have many big and important questions that we want to explore collectively.

Intelligent optimism

We believe that change is possible because the proof points are around us. We don’t make things up but back our optimism with facts and stories that show that change is within reach.

Everyone a changemaker

We are cheerleaders who believe that each of us has the potential to become an agent of change. We exist to bring people the content and confidence they need to feel ready to take action.

Idealistic pragmatism
We are visionaries and creatives who do not lose sight of the reality of today’s system. We know that transformation is about dreaming big but also realism, starting points, progress over perfection, and persistence.

Collective action

We promote collaboration and the importance of looking at things from different perspectives to reach better solutions, faster. We recognize that change is a joint effort and that we should all have a seat at the table.

Let’s connect!

Do you have any comments, suggestions, or just want to say hello? Drop us a line and we will be in touch.