Dimensional design

Board of Innovation

What we do is what defines us – not our demographics.

Human potential is great and ever-growing. This is reflected in diversity in thought, action, and opinion. It’s time to unpack the boxes we put people in and work across other dimensions than traditional segmentation categories.


Demographics help find people – but they are not enough to understand what drives them to act, react, or make decisions when triggered; and often they reinforce unconscious biases or implicit stereotypes that perpetuate social injustice.


Humans are not so simple. We live across multiple dimensions. Dimensions represent the range of reactions that we can be triggered across. While these shift across time and place, we can anticipate how individuals will respond, and group consumers accordingly. By thinking across dimensions, we can design for those on the fringes.


This Dimensional Design framework and guide will help you avoid reducing your audience to over-simplified demographics.


Dimensions are a way to tell a story that goes beyond just the description of a character but digs deep into their journey, challenges, dreams, sense of morality, and circumstances.

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