Do pause: you are not a to-do list

Robert Poynton

Machines are designed to run constantly; people aren’t. Our coping mechanisms are meditation apps, weekend breaks, and annual holidays, but things soon revert. To prosper, we need a more sustainable approach — an ability to pause.


In this easy-to-go-through book, Robert Poynton looks at the importance of this subtle yet powerful idea and gives us hands-on strategies and tools to turn pause into a lifestyle choice and a personal habit.


Through it, you’ll discover ways to:


  • Reset and regenerate
  • Deepen your thinking and experiences
  • Take back control of your time
  • Reconnect with other people — and yourself


From taking a breath to taking a sabbatical, a pause can be many things. And the good news is, even just a small pause every now and again can make a real and lasting difference. Ultimately, an even more important ability for anyone who is out there trying to do their very best, day in and day out, to tackle the complex problems of our times.


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