Planet-centric design toolkit

Impossible Labs

A hands-on pack of 17 tools to help you bring people together and design products, services, or businesses that consider people and the planet along every step of the journey.


Up until now, design has been centered around satisfying individual needs, with innovations to make our lives faster, more “frictionless” and more efficient. But to rise to the challenges the world is facing today, we have to reimagine this model and start prioritizing the well-being of communities and the planet in how we design and make things.


Planet Centric Design offers a potential solution because it puts our shared planet and the communities that depend on it at the center of the design process. This means decisions are taken with a view to creating wider planetary benefits beyond the individual user.


This toolkit comprises 17 tools that support a six-step Lean methodology. It is a guided process for designing products, services, and ways of working that enhance real environmental, social, and economic sustainability (planetary value).


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