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Three ways to rewire our world


We like to amplify good news. We believe it’s a way to create a quorum – just like a swarm of dancing honeybees – needed to push humans into making decisions that contribute to a positive impact.

Here are some of our favorite ways we’ve seen the world around us being rewired in great ways.

1. Rewiring how design impacts our lives

When Jessica Alba became a mom, she got motivated to start The Honest Company. Her mission? To create baby products that are actually unharmful to babies’ sensitive skin, and don’t include petrochemicals or synthetic fragrances.

She soon realized that this take is true for anyone, not just for babies. Any product should be “baby-safe”, because every chemical that has a negative on babies won’t be good for anyone. Being a trailblazer in 2008, today the company is just one of many options for natural, affordable consumer productss.

2. Rewiring how businesses communicate

Have you heard of Oatly before? Chances are very likely you either love them, or you hate them. The way they use their position as one of the pioneers in the alternative milk industry (they were founded in 1993; way before veganism was a hot line item) is far from traditional. From the content on their packaging, their advertisements, to their company website, and many additional marketing websites. 

This one crossed our eyes recently:

There are lots of arguments to make about Oatly, but it seems fair to agree on this one: their strategy is BLUNT communication. They rather be noticeable and be called out for their bullsh*t, than not being noticed at all. And with that, they make a dent and a true long-lasting change in their industry. They put oat milk on the radar of everyone, not just the planet-caring milk drinker.

3. Rewiring how individuals -like you- influence the world

 Have you noticed some extra long grass and more diverse lawns around you? Let’s hope the answer is yes. 

The No Mow May is one of those rewilding initiatives happening around the globe. Local variations might be more familiar, e.g. Maai-Mei Niet (in Belgium).

The cool thing with these kinds of campaigns is that it doesn’t only influence people to not mow their lawn, businesses are being triggered too.

Swedish power tool manufacturer Husqvarna recently announced a Rewilding Mode on their lawnmowers. It uses GPS technology to set aside 10% of your lawn for native plants to grow free.

It’s not our most advanced feature, but it may be our most important one yet,” Husqvarna said. “It is also the first feature of its kind in the world, designed for a very specific audience: bees, butterflies, beetles, and other pollinators. Because without them, we would have no gardens.

Inspired to start your own movement? Here are 10 ways you can start to make a difference, today.

So next time you find yourself thinking about how you can make a change, ask yourself:

How can I rewire my approach? 

It’s a simple prompt, but often they can have great outcomes. We’d love to hear how it might shift your thinking, however small or big.

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